Allen's Press Clipping Bureau
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Uses of press clippings:

1. One of the least expensive ways of reading or "polling" public opinion.

2. Measuring directly the result of publicity releases. This shows the individual publications that are receptive to particular types of information.

3. Gathering field information. A background report of what is going on in other geographical areas. This could be regarding action groups, government activities or statements, problems or programs of others in the same business.

4. Checking on competition.

5. Checking on ads of others in the same field to measure the extent of their programs or to gain new ideas for ads.

6. Independent reporting of a program, policy, or promotional idea. The clippings through the press afford an opportunity to note how others react to your ideas.

7. Gauging impact - how heavily is the public being exposed to and reacting to an issue. Was the article picked up by the wire services? Is it appearing locally, regionally or nationally?

8. Marketing information - a field report of what your largest customers are doing. It helps to have general information of interest regarding customers before you contact them. It also helps to anticipate certain problems and changes.

9. In independent reporting of programs, when seeking legislative, governmental or association support, the independently written news stories report the facts as written by outsiders.

10. Letting your firm's executive and personnel know how they or their programs or functions are reported through the press. Internal public relations is just as important as external public relations.

11. Newsletters - information obtained from clippings may be used to effectively and simply recap the happenings of your firm or industry.

12. A historical log of significant stages of your firm's or organization's operations.

13. Information bank for future reference.

14. Clippings are an important yet inexpensive tool in conducting a public or community relations program. They are useful to publicity personnel in their relations with the media. They are useful in judging the effectiveness of various news media releases. If you spent hundreds or thousands of dollars of staff time on media publicity programs, it is worthwhile to spend a few dollars to measure tangible results.

15. Checking on the accuracy or the completeness of news items appearing in the press.